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Blog | Hotel Imperial Plaza Marrakech | Accommodation | Restoration
Activities not to be missed while staying at the 4* Imperial Plaza hotel
29 mai 2024

We welcome you to our 4-star hotel, Imperial Plaza. We welcome you to a world of luxury and prestige in the heart of the red city of Marrakech. Concerned about your satisfaction, we offer you much more than accommodation. We assure you a unique experience of comfort and refinement for an unforgettable stay. That said, in this article, we share with you our selection of activities that you absolutely must try during your stay at the Imperial Plaza in Marrakech to fully enjoy your trip.
1. Relaxation and well-being at the Nautilus SPA
After a busy day, it's always good to recharge your batteries and renew your energy. To do this, the Nautilus SPA is the ideal place thanks to its modern equipment and competent staff. This is your opportunity to benefit from tranquility and relaxation in a SPA in Marrakech where you will have to choose from a wide range of revitalizing treatments and relaxing massages for exceptional and luxury service. You can also give yourself a well-deserved break by trying the famous Moroccan Hammam. The black soap scrub and skincares with natural products are yours for a sensory experience that leaves you relaxed so you can continue your adventure of discovering the red city.
2. Urban exploration of the Medina
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first thing you should do when visiting the city of Marrakech is to get lost in the streets of the old medina. It’s time to explore the city’s bustling souks, enjoying the colorful spaces and the smell of spices. In addition to admiring the meticulous traditional creations of talented artisans who create each piece with passion and creativity. Without forgetting the famous Jemaa el-Fna square where a real human spectacle of musicians, monkey trainers, snake charmers and street vendors takes place.
The strategic location of our 4-star Imperial Plaza hotel allows you to explore the city's treasures with ease. Luxury boutiques, historic sites, authentic experiences are yours... let yourself be carried away by the surprises that every street corner brings you!
3. Visit of the green gardens
Marrakech is a city known for its gardens which charm visitors and invite them to take a break to breathe pure air in true havens of peace. Take a green getaway to the Majorelle Gardens where you will discover rare and exotic plants, clear water fountains and fascinating architectural structures. Or, visit the Secret Garden which is located in the heart of the Medina and takes you back in time to admire an entire era. Don't forget to take your camera to immortalize these moments and keep beautiful memories of these visits.
4. Discovery of the royal palaces
The privileged position of our 4-star hotel in Marrakech gives you the opportunity to visit all the nearby historical monuments, including the royal palaces. Whether it is the Bahia Palace or the Badii Palace, both are the ultimate opportunity to soak up the history of the Red City and admire these architectural masterpieces. You will surely fall under the spell of their grandeur and lush presence
5. Attending a Fantasia show
This is the ultimate experience NOT to be missed! Attending such a show is an experience that you will only have in Morocco and that you absolutely must add to your bucket list. The least that can be said about this equestrian tradition is that it is spectacular. It’s about immersing yourself in real Moroccan culture by admiring talented horsemen, dressed traditionally and handling powder rifles with experience. This Fantasia show is a display of skill and bravery that will leave you speechless in front of such beauty!
6. Desert Excursion
By staying at the Imperial Plaza in Marrakech, you can visit the city's surroundings with ease, including the legendary landscapes of the Moroccan desert. Departing from Marrakech, you will go on an excursion to explore the golden dunes of the Sahara and discover hidden oases. You will leave in 4x4 or on a camel to meet the Amazigh nomads for an appreciated cultural exchange. In short, this excursion surely promises unforgettable moments.

7. Tasting Moroccan cuisine
During your stay at the Imperial Plaza hotel? It’s up to you to explore the flavors of gastronomy Moroccan through traditional dishes prepared with love in our Riad restaurant La Lambra. Meat tagines, couscous with 7 vegetables, sweet cakes and mint tea. It is a refined cuisine that uses fresh and seasonal ingredients to make dishes with exotic flavors and intoxicating spices. Whether it's a romantic dinner or a lunch with the family, the Riad La Lambra restaurant is always ready to awaken your senses and delight your taste buds!
8. Choice of tailor-made experience
There are so many choices of activities and you feel lost? No problem. Hotel Imperial Plaza has thought of every detail to ensure that your stay goes perfectly. Whether you want to enjoy an activity with friends, celebrate a special occasion with family, or adventure as a couple for a romantic getaway, our team is here to help you plan the perfect activity that meets your needs and desires . Let us know what you're looking for and we'll turn your dream activity into reality for memories that will last a lifetime! As a result, booking at the 4-star hotel in Marrakech, Imperial Plaza, is much more than a hotel accommodation experience. It is literally an immersion in luxury, comfort and prestige. From a relaxing massage at the Nautilus SPA to visits to the royal palaces, every moment at the Imperial Plaza is an opportunity to fully enjoy your trip and experience unforgettable moments. So, what are you waiting for, book your next stay at the Imperial Plaza and discover all the great opportunities it offers you!